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Liked it. So I put a ring on it.

Hey folks.
Long time, no update, I know.

But I have some exciting news.

Dawn and I got engaged on Saturday night!

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Exciting Times.
If anyone is about Dublin next Tuesday (31st August), we're having some celebratory drinks in O'Neills on Pearse Street from about 8:30pm.
All are welcome!
I really like The Big Bang Theory.

I didn't at first. I think I found it a bit condescending towards geeks and it seems that quite a few people I know thought the same and dismissed it too.
But I caught it again later, in the second season, and I don't know if it got much better, or I just didn't get it or give it a fair shake the first time, but I find it pretty damn funny.
Key to this is Sheldon. He is what makes the show.

Anyway, I saw this scene the other day and I found it very funny, so I thought I'd share.

Music Monday: Andrew Bird - Plasticities

I recently found this video/song/artist from the same From the Basement series as the Eels song I shared last time.
The first time I saw it, I was blown away and I still think it's beautiful.
Laptop speakers will do this song an injustice, but with headphones, it's amazing that he is able to create this sound by himself and some clever use of a loop pedal.

Depeche Mode were fantastic.
The set list was:
In Chains
Hole to Feed
Walking in My Shoes
It's No Good
A Question of Time
World In My Eyes
Miles Away/The Truth Is
Policy of Truth
In Your Room
I Feel You
Enjoy the Silence
Never Let Me Down Again
One Caress
Behind the Wheel
Personal Jesus

I was glad to hear some songs (though only 2) from Black Celebration and I was pretty impressed by how many people knew the words to the awesome "A Question of Time".

Tonight, I am going to see Eddie Izzard.

In celebration, here is one of my favourite sketches, animated with Lego.
I'm sure you've all seen it, but it can't hurt to see it again :D

Gaiman Rocks

You should check out Neil Gaiman's latest blog post: Entitlement Issues

He responds to a fan letter asking for his opinion on delays in book series, making very specific reference to George R. R. Martin.

Neil's response sums up my feelings on the matter, is to the point, and encapsulates it perfectly in a single phrase:
George R.R. Martin is not your bitch.

Start the T-shirt orders now :P
90 mins gone in Chelsea v Liverpool and it's one of the most exciting games I've ever seen.
Error strewn, but enthralling.
2 teams who both believe they can win. Twists and turns all over the place.



From David Benioff and Dan Weiss to the Westeros.org board
Thanks again to everyone who has posted their casting suggestions and a special thanks to our excellent hosts here on the board for their synopses, which save us a great deal of time. It is encouraging to see that our actor/character ideas often match those of the board, and it is helpful to learn about a whole slew of actors we weren’t familiar with before.

The age of the actors is a significant issue; trust us that this is something we’ve discussed with George since our earliest conversations (well over two years ago). None of the characters will be radically aged.

The location has not yet been finalized, but we’re getting close. With any luck, George will be giving you an answer to that question before the end of the year, or very early in 2009.

Shooting dates have also not been determined yet. We’re impatient, too, but as you can imagine this is an elaborate production, with large sets to be built, a huge cast to be filled, etc.

For those who would like to send resumes, videos, etc.: we hope to have a casting director in place within the next month. When we do, we’ll let you know his/her name and where materials should be sent.

One last thing: our focus at the moment is on casting the pilot. So we’re only worried about characters who appear in the pilot. Just so you know the pilot parameters, here’s the first line of dialogue:

“We should start back.”

And here’s the last line:

“The things I do for love.”

Sound familiar?

We think you’re going to like it…


I thought I was excited before, and we all expected that somewhere around about that part would be the end of the pilot, but to actually know that that is going to be THE LAST LINE!
For some reason, that makes it all the more real, and it makes me think that people watching it will really want to see what happens next.
Also, I think it's cool that it implies that a fair bit of the pilot will be spent establishing the characters.

Happy Birthday Neil!

Happy Birthday joskination!!!!

Here's hoping you have a great day!

Holiday! Celebrate!

So, as mentioned before, Dawn and I are going on holiday to Scotland.
We're taking the ferry from Larne to Cairnryan on Saturday (27th) afternoon and going to make our initial base of operation in Oban, Argyll, where we're staying in a B&B for two nights.
We haven't gotten any concrete plans for that Sunday, but after hereward77's suggestion of Skipness castle, we may head down into Kintyre.
A day trip to Islay was something we'd have liked to do, to visit a few distilleries, but at this juncture, it seems like that might take too much time. Who knows though?

The only other part of the holiday we've planned is at least 3 nights in Edinburgh, from Friday 3rd October. We've booked into this place that looks really nice in West Coates, not too far from the city centre.
So if any of the crew are about, let us know, cos we'd love to meet up :)

Looking at it from here, our general route is likely to be a circle of the country, going up the west coast, through the highlands, probably to Inverness, maybe up to the far north, definitely visiting distilleries in Speyside, and then back down to Edinburgh.
We're not bothering with a time-frame for anything and are just going to play it by ear.

So, a few of you folks made mention of a bit of craic if we did go ahead with this. Well, consider this your notification.
Anybody up for the craic?

Help Firefox 3.0 set a World Record


Basically, Firefox 3.0 is coming out. I've been using the beta for a few months now and it's much improved over the 2.x releases.
It's faster and more lightweight. It's tailored to be faster with many Big sites.
Gmail positively flies along with it.
There are a few issues with many addons not working for it yet, but that should be sorted by release or soon after, i think.

If you follow the above link and pledge (giving your email addres) and they'll email you on the day Firefox is released (this month) with download links for it. The idea being that as many people as possible download it on release day to set the record for most software downloads in 24 hours.

Ah xkcd, how you brighten my life

I'm wouldn't be surprised if all the techie/geeky people on my flist check xkcd all the time, but just in case, I'd like to point out today's delightful entry.
It had me laughing embarrassingly loudly in work this morning.

(It really is a rather geeky joke, so if you've never encountered SQL before, it'll do nothing for ya)

Date with Bill O'Reilly

I posted this on the board, but i thought I'd put it here too for those that might miss it there, but be interested (like possibly yagathai, I just know that O'Reilly is more ammunition for his hatred of the Irish. In our defence, I'd just like to say that I find a very real difference between the Irish and Americans who identify themselves as "Irish" :P)

I found out the other day that that most fairest and prettiest balancest of all princesses journalists, Bill "too loud to hear when he's pwnd" O'Reilly is coming to spend an evening with the Dublin University Philosophical Society this coming Thursday, 12th April (look here under April 12th).

Seeing as it's my alma mater and that I'm not far from it, I'm thinking of heading along to it with a mate of mine to go and watch with popcorn.
I was wondering if any of ye had any requests you'd like me to make to Bill or anything like that.
If I make it, I'll try to remember as much as I can of it and post back here after the event.

Scary Mary

Stolen from Neil Gaiman's Blog

Paging Mods

I'm starting to suspect that Os is attempting to achieve some sort of record for number of threads closed or something.
Maybe if you stop closing his threads he'll give it up. But right now, the dude is on a rampage of absurdity.


EDIT: I swear to God that I did this before I saw the "RIP The Decent Thread" and OsRavan's Mod policy threads :)
The Dutch Gold Appreciation Society
Ah, finally, a place where like-minded individuals can share their appreciation and experiences.

Those of you who haven't experienced the phenomenon that is Dutch Gold, especially as a student in Ireland, I don't think it is possible to explain it. It is something you have to experience for yourself.

Furries in Culture

The Dublin Fringe Festival is on at the moment.
I've always been really crap at going to these culture festivals (I've been here for 7 years now, with a year and a half hiatus and I haven't gone to a single event), but i went to a play last night which was good and just now, at lunch time, I saw Bear Hug, a comedy play about a Furry.

Was very good. It was in an old church, which was done as one large open room, the way from the entrance to the seating area was marked by a load of plushies lying on the ground and the audience were all given a bag of marshmallows and sat on cushions right next to the performance.
There were three characters, the middle-class mother and father and their son who had turned into a bear, who they had put into a Zoo and was now coming home to try to live with them.
Makes you think.

And you thought MySpace was weird

I'm signed up to another social networking site called Bebo. Basically every single Irish person is on this thing.
I rarely sign in to mine, but I got a friend request email today, so I signed in to respond to it.
Bebo has it's own internal mailing system and I had a few messages on it, so I checked them and found this charming mail.

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27th Jul, 2006

Happy Happy Joy Joy? I know this facade will crack some day soon and I will have a break down from which I shall not recover.

Nah, that aint gonna happen :)

You scored as XIX: The Sun. This is the happiest card in the deck. It is full of joy and optimism, everything is right with the world. We are as innocent children playing in the fields without care. The Sun brings success, well-being and happiness in all spheres - material, emotional, spiritual -wherever our desires lay.When this card appears in a Tarot spread it indicates success, joy and happiness. Obstacles will be overcome, goals achieved.When badly aspected, it can indicate a stagnation through over-indulgence, too much of a good thing.


XIX: The Sun


XI: Justice


0 - The Fool


XIII: Death


X - Wheel of Fortune


XVI: The Tower


I - Magician


II - The High Priestess


VI: The Lovers


III - The Empress


VIII - Strength


XV: The Devil


IV - The Emperor


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